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Tracey Boakye Reacts To Rumours That Dr Kwaku Oteng Fathered Her Daughter

AUDIOS: Dr Kwaku Oteng Alleged To Be Biological Father Of Tracey Boakye's Daughter

Tracey Boakye has reacted for the 104th time to rumours that Dr Kwaku Oteng fathered her daughter, Nana Akua Nhyira.

The mother of two reacting to the rumours dropped photos of herself on Instagram and advertised that she’s single and searching and that men should shoot their shots.

Who in his right senses would want to be in a serious relationship with Tracey Boakye? Here is what she posted; “I AM SINGLE AND SEARCHING OOO 🤣🤣, ANAA MOSE @nana_akua_nhyira_ PAPA? 😜”.

According to Ayisha Modi in a recent rant on Instagram, Afia Schwar disclosed to her that Tracey Boakye confirmed to her that Dr Kwaku Oteng is the father of her child.