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Greek Actors In Hollywood

They have entertained us over the years with their amazing acting skills that cut across comedy and playing villain characters. But many have no idea they are Greeks who naturalized or were raised in the USA. Today we look at Greek actors in Hollywood. John Philip Stamos Born in the USA to Greek parents who settled there, John Philip Stamos began his acting and singing career way back in his days in school. He is a man of double talents as he has on several occasions joined the Beach Boys… Read More »Greek Actors In Hollywood

Filipino Actors In Hollywood

Our counterparts in the Asian movie industry are making a great impact in the Hollywood scene, from the Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Filipinos. Despite a majority of them not having 100% control over the Queen’s language, they have perfected and seem to be taking over the scene soon. Today, we look at Filipino actors in Hollywood. Reggie Lee Breaking the ice for Filipino actors in Hollywood is Reggie Lee. Born and raised in the Philippines to parents who were fully Philippines, they later migrated alongside him to the USA to… Read More »Filipino Actors In Hollywood

Actores de Hollywood Hombres

Hollywood over the years has proven to the public that it isn’t a gender-based entity but allows all kinds of gender to partake in the movie industry. Both genders are also doing well in both action, comedy, and romantic wise. Today we will deal with Actores de Hollywood Hombres which means male actors in Hollywood. Daniel Radcliffe Movie lovers who have watched the Harry Porter movie are very familiar with his face even though he now looks more mature. He made his first onscreen appearance at the young age of… Read More »Actores de Hollywood Hombres

Actores Mexicanos en Hollywood

Mexicans and Americans are neighbors who are separated by just a long fence wall, and due to that the Hollywood movie industry has over the years seen the influx of several Mexican actors. Today we will address the topic of Actores Mexicanos en Hollywood which simply means Mexican actors in Hollywood. Danny Trejo One of the most popular Mexican actors dominating heavily in the Hollywood scene, you don’t need to be told Danny is a full-blooded Mexican. Although born and raised in the USA, the veteran actor has never shied… Read More »Actores Mexicanos en Hollywood

Ugly Hollywood Actors

In some parts of the world, people are given movie roles due to their good looks and nice body stature, but the narrative is quite different in Hollywood. It allows each and everyone to display their God-given talent regardless of their looks. Currently, ugly actors are also making it big in the scene. In our write-up today we will talk about Ugly Hollywood actors. Willem Dafoe Naturally spotting a very wicked countenance and crumpled face, the veteran actor has a natural face that can automatically scare the life out of… Read More »Ugly Hollywood Actors

Japanese Actors In Hollywood

With the progress of the Japanese movie industry due to producers giving viewers higher quality movies, many of their actors are now dominating heavily in the Hollywood scene. Due to their strong resemblance with their neighbors from China, people find it a bit difficult to differentiate between them. Today I will run you through the list of Japanese actors in Hollywood. Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa Born and raised in Japan to a military father who later migrated together with the whole family to the USA. Cary had most of his education there… Read More »Japanese Actors In Hollywood

Jack Nicholson Joker Costume

One of Jack Nicholson’s popular movies was Batman which was released in 1989, in that movie he played the joker character. The character was an unruly character who was fond of always causing problems and passing funny comments. He rocked a painted clown face with a trademark costume alongside a walking stick. Today we will look at Jack Nicholson’s Joker costume. Jack at a point in his career switched from shooting action movies to focusing fully on comedy to help reduce depression among her fans. He delivered beyond expectation with… Read More »Jack Nicholson Joker Costume