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About Us

About is a celebrity gossip, pop culture, and entertainment blog focused on delivering informative, accurate, and latest entertainment Content to its cherished readers across the globe.

TheGossipScoop was started by S.C.E. in August 2019, with just $27.28─so in case you plan on suing us over a brutal opinion or sh! talk publication hoping to get a fortune paid to you, you’ll end up getting just a smaller percentage of $27.28 or nothing!

At, we do not give a hoot about what consenting adults do in the bedroom or real life─and we don’t think that’s even news! But if consenting adults’ business in the bedroom or real-life leaks onto the streets, then well, we’ll report it in the most pissing manner and sh! talk about the parties involved till the drama dies off! has been mentioned by Honduras’ biggest and most powerful News and Sports website, DIEZ so when we write about you, it reaches very far! Thousands of miles!

If you are not happy or pissed off about an article published about you on and want it removed, which wouldn’t happen, send an email to the Editor-in-Chief, S.C.E. at

If you have a scoop or hot gossip about a celebrity and want to give us a tip-off, contact the above emails and phone number.

Also, if you think a celebrity is messing up and you want to put him or her in the right place by writing about him or her, send the article to the emails above.