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Pregnant Chrisean Rock Seen Soaking Herself In Alcohol At Yung Miami’s Birthday Party

Pregnant Chrisean Rock Seen Soaking Herself In Alcohol At Yung Miami's Birthday Party

Yung Miami‘s birthday bash saw all the drama kings and queens in the entertainment industry attending, and it was wild. Talking about drama queens, Chrisean Rock was at the party, and according to reports, she did not behave like an expecting mother.

The troubled 25-year-old revealed days ago that she is expecting her first child after several abortions that almost rendered her barren. However, the party attendees claim pregnant Rock was as wild as any other person at the party; she allegedly drank alcohol and went bonkers as always.

Media Take Out Reports;

Chrisean Rock told the world last week that she’s pregnant with rapper Blueface’s baby. Well last night the reality starlet was in a Los Angeles nightclub, dancing the night away.

And Media Take Out learned that dozens of partygoers have taken to social media, claiming to have witnessed Chrisean drinking what appeared to be a mixed drink.

Video has also leaked showing Chrisean dancing, along with other celebrities. While Chrisean isn’t seen drinking in the video, she’s clearly seated at a table where the alcohol is flowing.

Rapper Blueface and Chrisean Rock started dating in 2019. The couple have since been enjoying their relationship – but there area TON of issues in the couple’s relationship. Chrisean and Blueface frequently get into physical altercations on camera, and their relationship volatility has made them into viral superstars.

Chrisean recently tweeted, “We leaving the past in the past, all da negative individuals ain’t thought of no longer,” on her Twitter account. She even sent out another tweet with the words “It takes two to make the relationship solid.” Even many well-known celebrities responded to their combat film and offered their own perspectives on the current predicament.

Chrisean revealed last month that she’s expecting her first child, with Blueface. Blueface has denied paternity, and told the media that Chrisean was allegedly “sleeping with 10 other guys.”

With Chrisean Rock, I guess we’ve all got fed up and allowed her to continue being lame and toxic since she refused to get help. But since she is bringing another life into the world, I believe the lifestyle change must be forced on her. She can’t risk the baby’s life with her silly choices.

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