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VIDEO: Wealthy Nigerian Man, Obi Cubana, Reacts To Rumours That He’s Into Money Rituals

Obi Cubana Reveals The Biggest Secret To Becoming A Billionaire And Remaining A Billionaire

Wealthy Nigerian man, Obi Cubana, has reacted to rumours that he’s into money rituals after showing off massive wealth during his mother’s lavish funeral a few days ago.

According to Obi Cubana, he’s not into money rituals as people are claiming and also, he’s never tried money rituals before.

Obi Cubana in a video said;

“Miracle no dey give money because that pastor needs the money more. Native doctor no fit give money because his children are the ones who fetch water from the stream. How can he give you what he doesn’t have? Work hard. Work hard”.

And for those begging him to “cut soap” for them, here is what he said to them; “Cut soap” is slang used to ask a successful person to give you a bit of what they are using that makes them successful. It originates from the claims that some young fraudsters visit ritualists who give them soap to bathe with for optimal success.”

“If you are in your 20s, work now. I am 46 years. I have done my first half. I don’t know why someone who is just 20 years will say he has not made it when he still has 50 years 60 years ahead.”

“There is no soap to cut for anybody, there is no soap anywhere, work, pray, be good, make your own soap.”

Watch the video below…