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Zionfelix’s Estrange Girlfriend, Mina, Reportedly Has A 20-year-old Old Son But Lied To The Blogger That He’s 15

Rumour Has It That Zionfelix's Mother Doesn't Like His Girlfriend, Mina Lawani, Probably Because She's Older Than Him

New update on Blogger Zionfelix’s relationship with his two pregnant girlfriends, Mina Lawani and Erica Amoah and here is the hot gist.

Mina Lawani is alleged to have told Zionfelix that she’s got a son and he’s 15 years old but that has turned out to be a lie as rumour on Instagram has it that Mina’s son is actually 20 years.

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It’s also alleged that Zionfelix’s family doesn’t like Mina because she cannot cook. She is a horrible cook and it’s one of the reasons that they prefer Erica Amoah.

Instagram gossip page, Mari Gyata dropped the latest gist on Zionfelix and his incoming baby mamas. Read the full gist below…

“This thing called relationship ankasa de3 arwel

So before before na oga said he no go do born one oooo but someway somehow he got entangled with Madam who happens to have a son

It is alleged that madam told oga that her pikin na 15 but in actual fact pikin na 20. As3 oga bo anwo so bi saa nu

We all know oga was bringing Riri home to spend the night which mama is fully aware but mama didn’t know about the knocking and all oooo until it was everywhere on the internet. The thing really got to mama but how she for do am because oga had proposed to her initially

I bet you all ain’t ready because everything happened during the maternity photoshoot. Yeah we already had our shoot ooo and that was when oga did the proposing ooo

That’s not all wai. The maternity photoshoot will be the talk of town for weeks yes I said it. 3ny3 nkwadaa maternity photoshoot oooo high class ankasa.

You know I can’t release anything of that sort because it will spoil the fun for the couple. So let’s wait for them to release it

But as it stands as3 mama ay3 confused kakra. Because the family is for Riri whiles. One thing I heard that I highly DOUBT is that the family in particular is against their union because mama can’t cook, like how 🤷🏾‍♀️
Alata ni a onim aduane y3 de3 s3 3ny3 ne 3ba anaaa. But according to reliable sources it is what is it

So as we await the maternity photoshoot nu let’s remember mama in prayers because the battle de3 anhw3 a………

Oga now has a family accepted wife and a social media accepted wife. Who wins at the end ?”

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