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Yvonne Nelson Responds To Reports That She’s Secretly Married To An Italian Dude

Yvonne Nelson Claims Married Men Are Pestering Her Without Showing Any Proof - Just The Usual Twitter Rants

That was quick! Yvonne Nelson has reacted to viral reports that she secretly got married to an Italian dude two weeks ago. She reacted through her Lawyers by sending a “Retract and Apologize” letter to Blogger Yemmy Baba who broke the news.

Yvonne Nelson through her Lawyers says she’s not married as it was reported and needs an apology for that. Well, the Blogger has apologized and pulled down the story of Yvonne Nelson secretly getting married to an Italian dude.

Yemmy Baba’s apology reads;

“Lawyers RE Yvonne Nelson

✍️…We have been told through the LAWYERS of YVONNE NELSON that what we published is not true contrary to what we were supposedly reliably informed.

Since it’s from the Lawyers and the Horse’s own Mouth that it is not true – who are we to stand anything?

We unreservedly apologize to Yvonne Nelson for saying she is married when according to the Letter above & below (which have been cc to her), she is not.

Based on this, we will be pulling down the story.

We owe it to our distinguished and discerning Readers to know why the story we published on our website is no longer available for the sake of integrity and credibility to the YTAINMENT Brand.”

Yvonne Nelson probably wants to take the public’s eyes and minds off her secret marriage with this Italian dude.