Yvonne Nelson Never Gave A Hoot About Joselyn Dumas On Her 40th Birthday─And It’s Obvious They Aren’t Friends

Yvonne Nelson Never Gave A Hoot About Joselyn Dumas On Her 40th Birthday─And It's Obvious They Aren't Friends
Yvonne Nelson & Joselyn Dumas

If Yvonne Nelson snubbed her own father and wished her mother on Father’s Day then who is Joselyn Dumas for her to bother about on her birthday? After all, they aren’t friends.

Joselyn Dumas turned 40 years on August 31, 2020, according to Google and Wikipedia where the likes of Yvonne Okoro, Jackie Appiah, and others wished her on their Instagram pages.

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To our shock, Yvonne Nelson who probably doesn’t know there is a Ghanaian actress called Joselyn Dumas never gave a hoot about her.

A check on Yvonne Nelson’s Instagram page indicates that she never wished Joselyn Dumas on her 40th birthday and that’s not surprising because they do not follow each other on Instagram.

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It’s obvious that there are a lot of factions in the movie industry and once you aren’t part of a particular faction, members of that faction won’t give a sh!t about you──even if you die!

Maybe Yvonne Nelson called Joselyn Dumas on phone and wished her but on her social media pages, she snubbed her just like she did to her father on Father’s Day.

Yvonne Nelson and Joselyn Dumas are in the same industry but it’s obvious they aren’t friends in real life.