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Yung Miami Says She Has No Plans Of Getting Married: Just Casual S-x Is Enough

Yung Miami Says She Has No Plans Of Getting Married: Just Casual S-x Is Enough

After two kids with two different men and months of ”transactionship” between herself and Diddy Combs, Yung Miami has finally revealed why she has no interest in getting married and might want to just stick to slutting around and having fun with Diddy and others instead of a committed relationship leading to marriage.

Her reason: ‘men are sc-m’ and she can’t handle their dishonesty. Well, she can handle it as a mistress, but as a wife, Caresha says she may “kill the man;” hence she is better off unmarried.

Caresha went further to mention one of her favorite kinks during s-x, and it is the platinum shower. According to Miami, just pee on her because it makes the whole encounter much more fun for her.

Media Take Out Reports;

City Girls rapper Yung Miami says she does not want to get married…because men are not faithful.

“I don’t want to get married cos I feel like men are not faithful,” she said on Instagram Live. “I take everything personal, I will never forget. If my husband cheats on me, Imma kill him.”

Miami says sometimes sex is just sex.

“I like sometimes when it’s like not a connection because I ain’t gotta go crazy,” she continued. “I could just do our time and it’s good and we go our separate ways.”

In a previous sitdown, she confessed to loving golden showers.

“It say take a shot if you like golden showers, I do. I just like it,. I’ll take a shot. I don’t know, it just feel so good. I had a golden shower and I liked it,” she told Trina. “It’s fun. You know when you drunk and you just [get] pee in your butt, pee in your p-ssy. I don’t know. You can pee on me when we’re in the shower, you can pee on me once you cum, it just depends. It depends on how the night’s flowing.”

After months of denying she is a side chick to Diddy, Yung Miami has finally come to terms with her position and has no intention of going back, interesting.

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