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Yung Miami Encourages Chrisean Rock To Stay Strong Amid Blueface Beef

Yung Miami Encourages Chrisean Rock To Stay Strong Amid Blueface Beef

During the recent disgusting Twitter beef between Chrisean Rock and Blueface, one person who has also been heavily disrespected by men, Yung Miami, jumped in to encourage Rock to be strong and know her worth.

Chrisean Rock and Blueface were involved in one of the messiest internet fights ever. Blueface shared revolting details about Rock, and when Chrisean Rock responded that she cares less about his rants, Yung Miami was quick to encourage Rock to not lose her guard just because she has more to offer life.

Via Media Take Out;

Yung Miami defended Chrisean Rock after Blueface dissed her again on Twitter.

“She pregnant missing a tooth with 7 tattoos finna make a fool of herself with the next n-gga an I’m not pregnant at all finna live my life perfectly fine with the next bitch who gone take me even more serious now it’s really tragic fr,” Blueface tweeted after he compared Chrisean to his first baby mother. “

“I take you serious. You just hate me rn . I don’t need the next N-gga I got my self,” Chrisean responded to the tweet. “Ion regret anything about my self so honestly trynna put me down is a low blow coming from a man that know he loves me.”

Yung Miami then chimed in: “You’re beautiful & FULL OF LIFE” she wrote in response to Chrisean’s follow-up tweet which read: “Don’t feel bad for me ima shake dis off fr. Plus I’m grown I did this to myself.”

Aside from the two beatings of each other, this is the most sickening online fight they’ve had. But be sure to see them together in a few days, acting like normal beings. If Yung Miami has any advice for Rock, it should be to break up with Blueface and get cleaned up.

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