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Yung Miami Claims She Is Single Despite The Obvious Romance With Diddy Combs

Diddy Left His Kids And Baby Mamas To Celebrate Xmas With His Girlfriend Yung Miami

Yung Miami has recently made it plain that she is sick of living the mistress life. Even though the contentious artist has long denied being Diddy’s mistress, she continues to whine about how it stinks to share a man with multiple women and how she prefers to have her man to herself in future relationships.

Diddy tries to make up for cheating by buying luxurious gifts, fighting anyone who calls Miami a side piece, and crowning her his queen, but it is all social media gimmicks because Diddy still has as many women as he wants in his life, paying little to no attention to Miami in real life.

When asked if she will agree to go on a double date with JT and Uzi Vert, Miami claimed she is single, ditching Diddy and their “transactionship”.

Via Media Take Out;

Yung Miami claims she’s single even though she’s still rumored to be dating Diddy.

“I’m single, baby. What man you saw me with?” she said after being asked if she and her boo would go on a double date with JT and Uzi Vert. “Yeaaah, yeah. I’m single S-I-N-G-L-E. Baby.”

After her Rolling Loud performance over the weekend, Miami tweeted that she was over sharing with other women.

“It’s been a long week I just want my man,” she wrote. “I’m not sharing my next n-gga! I’m tipsy I gotta go.”

Also last week, she tweeted that she does not want to get married because men always cheat.

“No I don’t want to get married,” she said. “I don’t want to get married because I feel like men are not faithful and if I get married, that mean I’m giving my life away to you. So that mean, like, I wanna be wiht you for the rest of my life.”

Just like Diddy is free to boff around, Yung Miami is freeing herself and ready to date other men as well. This time around, she is not going for the money but a faithful man.

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