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YSL Member Lil Woody Trending For Snitching On Yung Thug

YSL Member Lil Woody Trending For Snitching On Yung Thug

Gunna is not the only person who snitched on Yung Thug, Lil Woody did too.

YSL member Lil Woody is trending for snitching on Yung Thug and his friends, although he has previously denied ever snitching on any of them. Lil Woody did not hesitate to throw Yung Thug under the bus in the interrogation room and even mentioned Thug’s alleged plans to kill a person he was obsessed with.

Young Stoner Life Record members, led by Yung Thug are currently facing charges for using the label for criminal activities. And when called in for interrogations, Lil Woody did not just confirm that they were a criminal gang, he went further to mention Thug’s plans to kill and how ruthless Thug has become over years.

As usual, Woody is being dragged for spilling the beans even before being asked and lying about it later on Twitter. My position on snitching has always been the same, imagine Woody holding on to that information and allowing that victim to die, it has not been confirmed if Thug was arrested for the said crime, but cooperating with police is no crime.

Via Media Take Out;

A video of YSL associate Lil Woody seemingly snitching on his crew has gone viral on social media. In the video footage, which is more than 3 hours, he can be seen and heard telling on several members of the crew and even volunteers to Facetime somebody in front of the officers.

Despite the overwhelming evidence that he did snitch, Woody has posted on social media, denying he snitched on anyone. He claims that jail helped him to grow

“I sat in jail days nights months years didn’t know my outcome didn’t call on god didn’t cry or cooperate. I started working on understanding myself realizing who I am and what I’m worth. Jail gave me time to think grow and understand only point I have to prove is showing my people that whatever we put out mind to we can do it. Stay away from bad energy focus and believe in yourself,” he wrote.

Snitches should be praised not condemned, especially when they confessed to future murders. Sadly, they have to be arrested and exchanged their info for reduced charges and sentences.

Here is the clip of Lil Woody snitching on Yung Thug during interrogation:

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