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YouTuber CJ So Cool Hospitalized After Being Shot Multiple Times During A Home Invasion

YouTuber CJ So Cool Hospitalized After Being Shot Multiple Times During A Home Invasion

Famous YouTuber Cordero James Brady known as CJ So Cool has been hospitalized after he was shot four times in a dreadful home invasion. CJ made the news public after he shared details of the incident on his Instagram Story. CJ indicated that the alleged invasion that left him hospitalized happened in the early hours of Thursday and saw him terribly wounded. Brady was allegedly in the house with four of his kids but has not confirmed if any of them was shot or injured.

Not much detail about the incident is known except images of CJ’s wounded legs shown on his Instagram Story. Henderson Police Department is also yet to release any public information on the alleged dreadful incident.

While many shared overwhelming goodwill messages to CJ, there are few wondering if this is faux to gain some more views on his YouTube channel considering how CJ has given his kids laxatives, in the name of content creation and got his account suspended. Folks are allowed to ask questions.

Meanwhile, there’s an image of CJ’s bloodied legs to support his claims. Two of Brady’s women, his baby mama and current girlfriend, Ni’Kee Lewis, and Alexis Lohmier shared their good wishes on their respective Instagram platforms.

Via People Magazine;

YouTube star Cordero James Brady, known to fans as CJ So Cool, says he was shot four times during a home invasion on Thursday.

According to Brady’s Instagram Story, the alleged attack occurred in the early hours of Thursday at 3 a.m. and left him hospitalized.

“So far, I’m doing OK,” he added alongside a message asking fans to keep him and his children in their prayers. He then shared a photo of his bloodied leg from what appears to be a hospital bed.

While it is unclear whether his children were present at the time of the incident, the YouTuber has actively shared glimpses of his kids since his debut on the platform in December 2014.

During his early days, he posted numerous videos with fellow internet personality Charlene Young (known to her social media following as Royalty Johnson) and their twins Cordayah and Cordero Jr. Brady, with appearances from her three children Leonidas, Karnation and J’aaliyah from a prior relationship.

The videos also feature glimpses of Brady’s 11-year-old daughter Camari, whom he shares with ex-girlfriend Ni’Kee Lewis.

Lewis shared well wishes for Brady following the incident, writing on her Instagram Story Thursday: “I’m soo happy it wasn’t his time. God had other plans … Get well baby daddy.”

A representative for Brady did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Following Brady’s update on Tuesday, his current girlfriend, Alexis Lohmier, shared an image of him on her Instagram Story where he is seen in a hospital bed as he uses his cellphone.

“Home invasions are no joke,” she wrote on the bottom of the photo. “Thank you to everyone that’s helping and working on this case.”

PEOPLE has reached out to the Henderson Police Department, who is handling the incident.

The home was first displayed by the 33-year-old internet personality to his 8.86 million subscribers in a YouTube video in October. During the video, he expressed that he purchased the home after only living in his last home for “about nine months” because he needed a “fresh start” and that it was “time to start over.”

According to Yahoo, his channel, which also shares highlights of his lavish lifestyle, was temporarily suspended in 2018 after he shared a now-deleted video in which he fed laxatives to his kids.

After the prank video gained traction, YouTube released a statement to entertainment website, saying: “Content that endangers minors is unacceptable to us and we have strict policies prohibiting child endangerment and harmful and dangerous content. We remove content that violates our policies as soon as we’re made aware of it.”

While this is an unfolding story, we will update you as soon as there are new developments on the issue. We wish CJ a speedy recovery as the police investigate the claims.

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