“You’re Still Sleeping With Ashawos At Lapaz” – Amerado Replies Obibini’s ‘Deceased’ Diss Track With ‘The Throne’

"You're Still Sleeping With Ashawos At Lapaz" - Amerado Replies Obibini's 'Deceased' Diss Track With 'The Throne'
Obibini & Amerado

Rapper Amerado has clapped back at rapper Obinini’s ‘Deceased’ diss track with ‘The Throne’ and it’s getting hotter between these rappers.


An emotional filled track titled “The Throne” is a reply from the Kumerican rapper to Obibini following his earlier diss track “Deceased.”

In the track, Amerado alleged that Obibini has been sleeping with prostitutes at Lapaz and said other disgusting things about him.

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Listen to the track below…