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Your Worth Is Having A Baby For A Married Man? – Fan Asks Yvonne Nelson

Your Worth Is Having A Baby For A Married Man? - Fan Asks Yvonne Nelson

A fan on Twitter has asked Yvonne Nelson the biggest question of her life─a question she cannot answer.

Yvonne Nelson on the issue of Cardi B snubbing Ghanaian celebrities who lined up at the Kempinski hotel to meet and greet her tweeted: “Know your worth……”

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Well, a parrot mouth fan, @CharlesMensa savagely replied and asked: “Know ur worth ampa. So ur worth is having a baby for a married man? Wo tw…”

On the back of the above, Yvonne Nelson has invoked generational curses on Charles Mensa for dragging her daughter, Baby Ryn in his tweet.

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I did not see Charles Mensa dragging Baby Ryn’s name in his tweet but since I don’t want Yvonne Nelson to curse me too, let me end it here!

Angry Yvonne Nelson cursed:

“The dumb charles in kokonsah’s post, you are CURSED for life! Mark my words! Never bring my baby(daughter) into anything negative! God punish you! Ive given you all the publicity you want! Enjoy it”.

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