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Your Gender Isn’t Qualification For Success—The Case Of Akua Asantewaa, The Smart Ghanaian Lady Creating Luxury Out Of Logs

Your Gender Isn’t A Qualification For Success—The Case Of Akua Asantewaa, The Smart Ghanaian Lady Creating Luxury Out Of Logs

Your gender isn’t a qualification for success or qualification for you to make it to the top! Whether male or female, you have to work and sweat it out before you can achieve success or your goals─and that’s the perfect case of young and smart Ghanaian lady, Akua Asantewaa Opoku Tuffuor.

Young Ghanaian women, mostly the lazy ones think achieving success as a woman is some rocket science of which only men are capable of studying its technicalities and achieving it─and because of this century-old mindset, they end up not doing anything meaningful for themselves.

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There is one young and smart Ghanaian lady known as Akua Asantewaa Opoku Tuffuor─who is creating luxury out of logs (abandoned woods) which has become a business fetching her thousands of dollars and according to her, she got the idea during the preparation of her sister’s wedding in September 2018.

This great business idea germinated on the back of the fact that they didn’t want to spend a huge amount of money on decor for her sister’s wedding and after roaming and collecting these abandoned woods and successfully creating something as decor from them, she named the business “CASABI EFFECTS”.

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Akua Asantewaa Opoku Tuffuor isn’t the typical Ghanaian entrepreneur who starts feeling bossy, sitting in an air-conditioned office 24/7 and giving instructions to workers after making their $100,000. She is the entrepreneur who goes out there as her job demands, searches and collects these abandoned woods and creates luxury chairs, tables and everything furniture out of them.

Akua Asantewaa Opoku Tuffuor, at her age─of which if made known, would humiliate a lot of young women, graduated from the Central University College with Bachelor of Science, Accounting.

Akua Asantewaa Opoku Tuffuor currently owns five businesses namely; Casabi Effects (Leads, Designs & Creatives), Home Medics Experts (Lead, Business Strategy & Client Services), Facilitators Hub (Lead & Projects), Wabisabi (Ghana’s most exquisite traditional cookery network set up to promote culinary culture in a contemporary manner promoting health and wellbeing through food and Cirles Connect (A social enterprise development agency committed to brewing societal changing ideas that are driven by passion change society’s narratives. Facilitate the idealization and setup of unique self-sustaining business models aided by world-class faculty).

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Akua Asantewaa Opoku Tuffuor even though owns five businesses but she isn’t relaxed and feeling that it’s now a done deal. She is still working smart and hard to create more businesses in the coming years─and there is no doubt that she will become one of the richest female entrepreneurs in Africa in a couple of years to come.

What’s preventing you, as a young Ghanaian woman from doing something meaningful geared towards achieving your goals?

If Akua Asantewaa Opoku Tuffuor has been able to create five businesses all by herself, then you have no excuse as a young Ghanaian woman for not achieving your dreams or goals.

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