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Young White Woman, Phie Udora, Who Has Had 11 Kids With 8 Black Men Says She’s Hoping To Have 19 More kids

Young White Woman, Phie Udora, Who Has Had 11 Babies With 8 Black Men Says She's Hoping To Have 19 More kids

Lately, everyone decides to do anything at all and asks that we respect their choice. We are willing to allow this TikToker named Phie Udora if she confirms all the 11 babies are safe and sound. If she wants to mess around with men, she can do that without having these many babies. But since babies are involved, we deserve some answers!

A TicToker by the name Phie Udora is under attack after she disclosed that she has 11 babies with 8 different black men. And looking forward to having 19 more babies with different men. Among the many backlashes is one that caught my attention.

The follower suggests that “Phil is f***ing around with all these men and having these many babies for financial support”. Since it is not clear what exactly this woman does for a living, it is disturbing she is acting like Nick Cannon and keep having all these babies with probably some irresponsible men.

When asked why she is having these many kids with these many men, Phie had an inept response for her followers. The now famous TikTok star, claims, if she has just a father for all her kids and he leaves or dies, her kids are fatherless but in this case, the kids always have a father no matter how many leaves or die.

And I’m wondering what she is teaching these kids considering her sh-tty mindset. Why doesn’t she get more mothers for the kids in case she passes as well?

Look, if she has 50 kids for 50 men, and all these men are irresponsible, none of them will be there for these kids. Responsible parents take care of their kids financially even after their death, not these sh-tty acts.

Via Media Take Out:

A woman, named Phi, from Memphis, Tennessee, has earned viral fame on TikTok after introducing her followers to her very interesting family – and Media Take Out has confirm that she has since gained more than 90,000 followers.

But the mother-of-11 comes under fire often from online trolls – and is forced to defend her personal decision to have so many babies. The trolls often tell the young mom that they ‘feel sorry’ for her kids, while others have wondered if she is using her numerous baby daddies to get financial support.

And there are also some harmful racial undertones to the hurtful messages – you see Phi is White and all eight of her baby’s fathers are Black. Here’s a pic of Phis’ 11 biracial children:

And Phi’s not done having kids either. Media Take Out confirmed that Phi said in a TikTok video that she ‘wants to have another 19 children’ to make it ‘an even 30.”.

Back in August, Phi opened up about her decision to have so many kids with different men in a video that got more than 2.9 million views, and she explained that she did it so that her children would never be ‘fatherless.’

‘One thing I’m sick of having to explain is why I have eight baby daddies,’ she said. ‘I’m gonna explain this one time for y’all so there won’t be any more questions.

‘If you have one and you take away one, you have zero. But if you have eight and you take away three, you still have five.’

‘If I only had one baby daddy and he leave or die my kids would be fatherless, but if I have eight and three were to leave or die my kids still have five dads,’ she elaborated in the comment section of the video.

We hope, she is capable, mentally, and financially to take care of those kids before she resorts to something sinister. All these woke but silly people be up to some crazy sh-ts lately!

Here are pictures of Phie Udora and her 11 kids:

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