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Young Ghanaian Lady Accuses CEO Of Caveman Watches, Anthony Dzamefe Of RAPE

A young Ghanaian lady, Mary Brittle has accused the Chief Executive of Ghanaian first-ever watch manufacturing company, Caveman Watches, Anthony Dzamefe of rape.

The victim, Mary Brittle has posted screenshots of her chats with Anthony Dzamefe to prove to those accusing her of finding ways and means to tarnish his image and hard-earned reputation.

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In one of her posts, she posted a photo of Anthony Dzamefe and tagged him as a rapist.

She has made a post and explained what actually happened, take a few minutes to read it as well as the chats.

“It amazes me that my fellow girls are mocking me , some think am doing this for fame and some think am just trying to defame somebody. I have been afraid to voice this out to anybody not even my closest friend and even going to the police frightened me more cause I thought it was a shame to be raped .

First of all, I did this because I just want to put my message across the world , I’ve battled with this for the past five months , I’ve experienced real depression within this months. I come out not to dirty anyone’s name but I’ve come out with a big issue in this country. Day and day out people get rape and about only 0.5% just voice out because of some of these critics you people give

Rapists are not just illiterate people or people without future , there are rapists in high office and illiterates on street who ain’t rapists .

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I am one of those few people who don’t bleed when am in my menses but I really feel severe pains and weak to even walk . It was my mistake to trust Anthony Just to lay at his end for a short while so I could go home , everybody is thinking about his brand and he is also thinking about his reputation but has anyone taught of what I’ve been through?

Personally , I think when a lady says stop you stop ! Laying at your end doesn’t quarantine you having sex with me . As a civilized person stop means stop !!

If am really framing this are you sure Tony won’t be in my inbox threatening or something?

Well, it happened to me and I couldn’t talk about it till now, today and am the bad person or a whore but it could happen to you too 😊”.


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