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You Cannot Have A One-night Stand With Me & Dump Me – Princess Shyngle

You Cannot Have A One-night Stand With Me & Dumped Me - Says Princess Shyngle

Gambian Instagram model and actress, Princess Shyngle says she is not like her colleague actresses who allow men to go after a one-night stand encounter, for her, no man has ever had a one-night stand with her and dumped her right away.

According to Princess Shyngle, once you sleep with her, the next thing is dating and there is no way she will allow you to go, never!

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Princess Shyngle said the above to back her claims that all African actresses depend on wealthy men for survival and not the movies they act.

In short, she doesn’t do a one-night thing and then ends it right there! Once it happens, serious dating is next.

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Princess Shyngle posted; “Some of y’all saying I am among let me tell y’all something, first of all I don’t make speeches lying that I made all my money from acting movies, secondly I don’t f** men for money I date them 😂, you cannot f** me one time and go it’s not possible you must date me, I must continue to enjoy that money 😂😂 I don’t date broke guys , google can tell you that if you don’t believe me 😂😂😂😂”.

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