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YK Osiris’ Baby Mama Ms IDGAF Says She Caught The Rapper F***ing A Man

YK Osiris' Baby Mama Ms IDGAF Says She Caught The Rapper F***ing A Man

YK Osiris‘ baby mama Ms. IDGAF just confirmed the many rumors that YK Osiri is gay. The 24-year-old’s s-xuality has been questioned ever since he came into the limelight due to how frequently he is seen with other male celebrities.

The rapper has two children and just when folks are about to consider him straight, one of YK‘s baby mamas confirmed that he is indeed gay.

According to MS IDGF, she saw YK f—king a man, and that led to their breakup. Ms. IDGF’s tweet comes after she claimed a lot of people are asking about the reason for their breakup. So if anything Ms. IDGF is saying is the truth then Osiris is gay.

And because Osiris has been seen with celebrities like Diddy, Drake, and many other A-list male celebrities, we are desperate to know the celebrities Osiris allegedly boffed. Drake even had to write off a $60K debt YK owed him at a point.

Via Media Take Out;

Rapper YK Osiris is known as much for his close friendships with powerful men in hip-hop as he is for his music.

The rapper has spent considerable time traveling the world with billionaire mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs. He also lived in Aubrey “Drake” Graham’s mansion for a few months.

And because of YK Osiris’ close relationship with powerful men in the entertainment industry, there have always been rumors – concerning how platonic those friendships were.

Well the rapper’s babys mother, who goes by the name Ms IDGAF, went on Instagram yesterday, and dropped a bomb. She claims that the reason that she and YK Osiris Split, was that she allegedly caught him cheating on her with a man.

YK Osiris is an American rapper and singer from Jacksonville, Florida. He initially gained popularity with the release of his songs “I’m Next (Freestyle)” and “Valentine”. In 2022, he was dropped from Def Jam Recordings.

Last year, YK Osiris shocked his fans, by telling them that he had some “secret demons” in his life, that caused him to become s*ic*dal. Luckily the rapper pulled himself together, and didn’t do anything rash.

Is Ms. IDGF just being a bitter ex, or YK Osiris is indeed gay?

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