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Yaa Jackson Is Asking Who Crowned Wendy Shay As Queen Of Ghana Music?

Yaa Jackson Is Asking Who Crowned Wendy Shay As Queen Of Ghana Music?

Kumasi-based musician, actress and school dropout, Yaa Jackson has also joined the elite social media platform, Twitter─and she has thrown a big jab at Wendy Shay over her claims that she’s the queen of Ghana music.

Wendy Shay for some time has been parading herself as the queen of Ghana music─even though it’s funny for her to tag herself as such but since bragging is encouraged in the music industry, it’s okay to brag and make the headlines.

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Yaa Jackson’s tweet is a clear indication that she isn’t comfortable with Wendy Shay tagging herself as the queen of Ghana music when there are MzVee, Sista Afia and others.

Yaa Jackson in a tweet jabbed; “So who crowned her queen of Ghana music?? Boi! .. I wonder why Dem dey call demma selves QUEENS!! Where my #woshposse deh!!”

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Surely, there is going to be a salty beef between these two famewhores; Wendy Shay and Yaa Jackson.

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