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Xxxtentacion’s Suspected Killer Robert Allen Says Drake Is Not Part Of The Crime

Defense Attorneys Accuse Drake Of Killing Rapper XXXTentacion

Drake‘s lawyers have been able to overturn his deposition thanks to the judge. According to the judge, there’s no evidence connecting Drake to Xxxtentacion‘s murder, although a section of the internet still believes he is the hitman due to their beef.

During the week, one of the four suspects in the trial Robert Allen testified that he does not know Drake, nor is Drake in any way involved in the 2018 robbery that led to the killing of Xxxtentacion.

A confession from one of the suspects is all the judge needed to overturn Drake’s deposition, apparently. And now, he is free from further legal struggles involving the murder, at least for now.

Via Media Take Out;

In court, a murder suspect in the killing of XXXtentacion was asked directly whether Drake was involved in the rappers killing.

“Do you know Drake?” state attorney Pascale Achille asked Robert Allen.

“Not personally, no” he replied.

“Did anybody connected with Drake that you’re aware of hire you to do the crime of killing and robbing the victim on June 18, 2018?” Achille asked.

“No,” Allen replied once again.

This week a judge denied the defense’s request for Drake to sit for a deposition.

Judge Michael Usan sided with Drake’s attorneys and he reportedly signed off on an order voiding a subpoena that would have required the star to sit for such a deposition.

“Based on the evidence so far provided in this case, there is video which purports to show the defendants allegedly as participants in the murder of the victim. No evidence has been provided to substantiate the assertion that [Drake] in any way contributed to, had knowledge of, or participated in the alleged incident and to mandate that he appear for deposition for something that he very clearly has no relevant knowledge of is unreasonable,” the judge writes.

Instagram models must be elated their dzaddy is not going to jail. The dude will be miserable in jail, he better flee from anything that will send him to prison.

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