Xandy Kamel’s Husband Admits His Wife And Tracey Boakye Are “National Wahala”

Proud Baby Mama, Tracey Boakye, Sarcastically Asks Xandy Kamel's Husband To Divorce Her
Tracey Boakye, Xandy & husband

Xandy Kamel’s husband, King Kaninja, has admitted in an Instagram post that his wife, Xandy and Tracey Boakye are “national wahala” and he is right about this.

However, we advise that he warns his wife to be careful with her association with proud baby mama of two, Tracey Boakye who is obviously not ready to find her own man and settle down with.

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Xandy Kamel’s association with Tracey Boakye is a dangerous one and you do not need a magician to predict the outcome of their association.

Xandy Kamel’s husband posted a picture of Xandy and Tracey Boakye and wrote; “The two(2) National Wahala 😃@tracey_boakye @xandykamel”.

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Tracey Boakye and Xandy Kamel are national wahala and we agree with Xandy’s husband.