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Opportunities For Africans To Work And Study In Canada In 2024

Work And Study In Canada In 2024 As African

International students seeking to work and study in Canada come 2023 will enjoy a smooth ride as part-time jobs wouldn’t be a problem.

Over the week Canadian Prime Justin Trudeau in collaboration with immigration officer Sean Fraser laid out a new plan to employ over 500,000 immigrants coming to Canada to work and also study. The plan is to help fill the over 1 million job vacancies which comprise healthcare assistance, factory workers, and drivers.

Canada is one of the few abroad countries that allows foreigners to work at least 20 hours a week to earn something to pay their bills. Today we will look at how to work and study in Canada in 2023.

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On-campus jobs

This kind of job has been there for quite a long time, it permits international students to take part-time campus jobs such as teaching assistant, librarian assistant, and also research assistant. Stats showed international students who mostly take up these roles put in a lot of hard work to the amazement of their supervisors. Coming 2023 some universities have already made these jobs available for them provided the students have the following

  • Valid study permit
  • Have a social insurance number
  • With these things, you are deemed eligible for campus work

Outside-campus jobs

As stated earlier in the beginning the Canadian government would be welcoming a lot of immigrants to fill up a lot of vacuum spaces in the job markets coming 2023. International students would be allowed to work 20 hours every week outside the campus to earn some money. To be eligible to work and study you should follow the following listed below rules.

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  • Possess a valid study permit, thus a legal document that shows you are a student of a particular learning institution. It is required of every international student to have one else they are deemed illegal in the country.
  • Your program of study is a highly recognized academic or vocational one that gives you a certificate after completion.
  • You registered as a full-time student in an institution recognized by the Canadian Ministry of Education.
  • Work exactly the number of hours assigned to you, thus you work within the 20-hour time frame assigned to you. The only time you can work longer hours is during vacations

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