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Woman, Shahraban K Allegedly Lures And Kills Her Lookalike Khadidja O To Fake Her Own Death

Woman, Shahraban K Allegedly Lures And Kills Her Lookalike Khadidja O To Fake Her Own Death

A woman identified as Shahraban K and her boyfriend are currently being charged with first-degree murder and facing up to life in prison if found guilty of the gruesome, and most ridiculous murder ever.

According to reports, Shahraban K and her boyfriend tracked her lookalike Khadidja O and lured her into their car, stabbed her ruthlessly, and eventually killed her. Shahraban did not kill Khadidja for revenge but to escape her family problem.

Authorities say Shahraban carried out the heinous crime to fake her victim’s identity because Shahraban wanted to act dead and avoid some problems with her family.

VladTV Reports;

A bizarre story out of Germany is making waves on social media, as a woman is accused of tracking down and killing her doppelganger to fake her death. 

A woman identified by police as 23-year-old Shahraban K is accused of killing beauty blogger Khadidja O, also 23, who was stabbed in the face 50 times last August in Ingolstadt, Germany. Khadidja’s body was placed in Shahraban K’s car, and police believe it was intentionally done to make it look like Shahraban was killed. 

Shahraban’s family identified the body as their loved one, but autopsy reports raised questions about the identity of the murdered woman. Investigators then revealed that the actual victim was Khadidja O, and Shahraban and her boyfriend, Sheqir K, were later arrested for the murder. 

Investigators believe that Shahraban wanted to go into hiding to avoid ongoing issues with her family, which is why they think she attempted to fake her death. They then uncovered messages from Shahraban and other women she found on social media, asking them to meet her under false promises.

Shahraban reportedly lured Khadidja O into meeting her to give her beauty products, and after getting in her car, Shahraban and her boyfriend drove Khadidja to a forest in Ingolstadt. There, they killed her, stabbing her in the face to the point that she was unrecognizable when she was found. 

Sharaban K and Sheqir K were charged with murder last week. They now face life in prison if found guilty.

It is terrible how reckless people have become in recent times. Imagine being murdered because someone is unable to solve problems you no nothing about.

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