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Wiz Khalifa Says He Stopped Wearing Expensive Jewelry For His Own Safety

Wiz Khalifa Says He Stopped Wearing Expensive Jewelry For His Safety

Wiz Khalifa is taking some actions toward his safety in this dire time in the rap and black community.

Since wearing expensive pieces of jewelry got PnB Rock killed, Wiz has started his journey to live a bit long in the rap industry by doing away with expensive pieces of jewelry.

Wiz Khalifa says wearing expensive pieces of jewelry attracts envy which ultimately leads to vile actions from thugs so to prevent them from acting silly and also to save himself, he is done hanging expensive pieces of jewelry around his neck, hands, ears, nose, and sometimes legs.

Via Media Take Out;

Wiz Khalifa shared why he doesn’t wear expensive jewelry anymore…he says it’s a safety issue.

“You grow out of that sh-t and you place value in other things at certain points. It’s cool to have that mind frame as well or it’s cool to have the little joint too. You don’t have to have the biggest, craziest situation going on,” he told DJ Whoo Kid.

Philly rapper PnB Rock was recently robbed and killed for his jewelry.

“And with all of these murders and sh-t going on, it’s inviting f-cking energy that you don’t really need. And people look at you like they get excited when they see that type of sh-t,” he continued.

“Me, I’m the type of person that thinks about my safety first. So if I could walk into a room and not excite those people who are gonna feel like that when they see those things, I’ll do you the favor because I don’t want anything to happen to you, I don’t want anything to me, so I’m a just calm down the situation for all of us. I’m gonna give us something not to look at.”

While rappers like Wiz Khalifa are taking personal measures to protect themselves from undue deaths, y’all should stop the snitches getting stitches BS, and report these hoodlums who pull guns at the slightest inconvenience and end up murdering people.

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