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Witness In Megan Thee Stallion And Tory Lanez’s Trial Reveals He Saw Both A Man And Women Shooting

Megan Thee Stallion's Key Police Witness,  Ryan Stogner, In Tory Lanez's Shooting Case Fired From The Police Force

The defense team in the ongoing shooting trial involving Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez called a witness to the stand today and even though he was called by the defense, the witness made Tory’s claims that Megan’s best friend Kelly Harris shot Megan unlikely.

The witness (Sean Kelly) claimed he heard a total of four shots with two of those supposedly fired by angry Tory. Although he didn’t pay attention to the incident enough to know if Tory’s shot was the final shot that hit Megan, he is confident Tory was one of the shooters including one other woman.

He also testifies that believes a woman fired the first shot, he also claimed he believed the flashes were fireworks, not gunshots.

He further mentioned during his testimony that, he saw Megan being beaten by Kelly and Tory but not shot.

Via Vlad;

The defense in Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion’s trial called a witness to the alleged 2020 shooting to the stand on Tuesday (December 20). 

As Law Crime reporter Meghann Cuniff pointed out, things didn’t appear to start off well for Tory’s attorney, George Mgdesyan, who asked witness Sean Kelly if he saw the “shorter man with the gun,” to which Kelly replied, “Yes.” Kelly went on to describe the incident he watched unfold that night, including telling the court that he saw two women fighting outside of a vehicle followed by a “flash” from a muzzle of a gun.

From there, Kelly claimed that when “the smallest guy,” presumed to be Tory, got out of the vehicle, Kelly saw more “flashes,” this time coming from the man, but Kelly claims he never saw a gun. When asked if he saw the man take a gun from the women, Kelly said that he didn’t see that happen. Kelly later clarified that he believed he saw a woman shoot first, but he added that he thought the flashes were fireworks, not gunshots. 

Deputy DA Alexander Bott then questioned Kelly about his 911 call, where he claimed that he witnessed a woman being beaten, not shot. Kelly said that the “shorter man” was very agitated and “shooting everywhere.” Kelly then told Bott that he witnessed a woman kicking, crawling, and stumbling on the road. Kelly then maintained, “I believe the girl fired the first shot.”

While Tory’s case may seem weakened by Sean Kelly’s testimony, Megans’ case has been weakened at the very beginning of the trial hence Tory appears to still have the upper hand.

This is the account of what transpired in court by Law and Crime reporter Meghann Cuniff:

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