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Will Smith SAT Score

Will Smith Sat score

Normally people presume most celebrities were dumb and blockheaded during their high school and tertiary days, but it seems the narrative is quite different with Will Smith. The rapper who was rumored to be a very bright student allegedly wrote SAT and did incredibly well although couldn’t enter tertiary.

Today we will look at Will Smith’s SAT score.

SAT is a scholarship-based paper normally on Mathematics and English set for people who wish to enroll in colleges and universities. It has a pass mark students should meet before they gain that scholarship or full admission. History tells us of how Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg passed his SAT which helped him gain admission into Harvard University.

Will Smith SAT score was 1600 which made him eligible to enroll in college but he turned it down. The actor when questioned about it disclosed he had the offer to read a pre-engineering course which afterward he would have proceeded with an undergraduate degree but didn’t do it. He rather opted to chase his rap talent which he began by engaging in battles in the streets of Philadelphia.

He disclosed how on one occasion his grandmother chanced on his rap book which contained unprintable words she wasn’t pleased with. Will said his grandmother advised him to be very decorous in his rap and rather employ the use of metaphors, an act he says helped shape his career.

Will Smith unlike other celebrities, although he couldn’t pursue his education career to the highest pinnacle has been able to succeed in the movie and music side. He is currently one of the most valuable and sought-after black American entertainers, with highly grossed movies.

He is also a recipient of several big awards including the Grammys and Oscars. He shot into the music scene with Summertime Music which was one of his biggest hit songs.

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