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Will Smith Plastic Surgery

Will Smith has come under huge public scrutiny as many believe the Prince of Bel-Air star has undergone Botox on his face. The Will Smith plastic surgery has sparked a lot of huge debate online and among the media with some also saying the 53-year-old actor is naturally gifted with a youthful look.

One person to add his voice to this whole debate is Ghanaian Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon Dr. Michael K. Obeng said in an interview:


“Will definitely looks a lot smoother,” He believes the actor’s skin is glowing more than before and believes he may have done Botox on his face although he has no evidence to back his claims.

Another person to add his voice to it is Dr. Obaid Chaudhury, who also said:


“Will Smith has a much fuller face,” “this can be achieved with fillers or fat transfer.” Dr. Obaid also believes it is part of the aging process as one experiences some facial changes when he enters his 50s he continued “As we age we lose fat in our face making us look gaunt even frail.” Replacing the lost fat with the patient’s own fat will give a more youthful look.”

Will Smith’s current look during the premiering of his new movie King Richard raised a lot of concerns on social media as many believe the actor’s face looked smaller as compared to then.

Well, we should also remember the actor embarked on a weight loss journey earlier last year to shred off some fat. Will Smith who gained massive weight and became heavier during the Covid-19 lockdown wasn’t happy with his new look so he embarked on weeks of rigorous training which produced massive results.


He has at the moment not come out to respond to the rumors as he is busily promoting his movie. I think this settles the Will Smith plastic surgery debate.


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