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Will Smith Height And Weight

Undoubtedly one of the most celebrated and popular black Americans in the Hollywood space, Will Smith throughout his three-decade in the Hollywood scene has not only given us great movies but also entertained us with his rap skills which have taken him on several tours across the world.

Many fans are curious in knowing the physical qualities of the handsome actor, well today we will let you know Will Smith height and weight.

Full Name: Willard Carroll Smith II
Date of birth: 25th September 1968
Nationality: American
Wife: Jada Pinkett
Kids: 3
Height: 188cm
Weight: 82kg

Early life

Born and bred in Philadelphia, Will Smith grew up to see his educationist mother constantly beaten down by his military dad, an act that affected him psychologically when he grew up.


He made his first onscreen appearance with the Prince of Bel-Air, a movie that was shot during his very down moment.

Will Smith once disclosed in an interview he was going through huge financial challenges at that time. The movie became a success and he went on to act alongside Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys movie, an action comedy movie, and also Men In Black.

After getting the necessary exposure, Will Smith has been featured in countless movies including Aladdin, Ali, Robots, Hancock, and Pursuit Of Happiness. His latest movie was the King Richard movie where he played the father of tennis stars Serena Williams and Venus Williams.

Will Smith’s height and weight

The 54-year-old actor despite getting old still manages to take his health seriously reason why he still has a youthful look. Will Smith height and weight have been a question on the lips of many, with a height of 188cm, he also weighs 181 pounds after shredding off some weight just recently.

The actor who gained massive weight during the Covid-19 quarantine was previously weighing 221 pounds which he wasn’t really comfortable with.

He then embarked on a 20-week daily exercise in which he was able to burn off some fat and currently weighs 181 pounds making him a bit lighter.

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