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Will Smith Fish

Will Smith Fish is an animated movie whose real title is Shark Tale released in 2004 had Will Smith playing the voiceover character of the leading character Oscar.

The movie also had voices such as Ziggy Marley, Angelina Jolie, Kevin Pollak, Jack Black, and Robert de Niro. The movie produced by DreamWorks Animation emerged as one of the highest-grossing movies raking in millions of dollars much higher than its actual budget.

Plot of Will Smith Fish

The movie Will Smith Fish talks about a fish called Oscar who works as a cleaner and hopes to be successful one day. He fails to pay some monies owed to his boss Sykes and his best friend Ange comes in for him dashing him a pearl to sell and settle the debt.

Oscar then gambles with the money which angers his boss who hires some assassins to eliminate him, another shark comes into the scene and tries to kill Oscar but ends up being killed by an anchor.

The community is now made to believe Oscar was the one who killed him and everyone starts hailing him as a Sharks layer. His boss then becomes proud of him and even forfeits the debts he owes and also offers him a luxury apartment to live in. He then fakes a plan with the senior of the shark Lino to engage in a fight which Oscar cunningly defeated and made people believe he is indeed a Sharks slayer.

Oscar then becomes more popular which makes Lola falls for her and plant a kiss on his lips making Ange angry. Ange then meets with Oscar where she engages in an altercation with him and spills the secret of how she has been in love with her way before he even became popular.

Oscar then dumps Lola who didn’t take it lightly and assaulted Oscar in a room. Oscar then saves the life of Ange after she was held captive by Lino who vowed to eat her. The movie ends with Oscar becoming the manager of whale wash and settling down with Ange.

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