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White Man Punches His Fellow White Man For Calling Him The N-word

White Man Punches His Fellow White Man For Calling Him The N-word

Two Dallas fans got physical at the Dallas Stars Hockey game during a misunderstanding over seats. The two white men got into an altercation about who was seated in the right seat. Things escalated quickly when the skinny guy called the other a “dumb** N—a.”

Without hesitation, he was punched right in the face and fell on the chairs. The dude attempted a comeback, but it was nothing to write home about.

His girlfriend stepped in and threw a few punches in his defense before other supporters saved his a** from being whooped. You can’t have a loud mouth and be weak at the same!

Via VladTV;

Things got physical in the stands at a recent Dallas Stars hockey game when a fan was punched square in the jaw after calling another fan the N-word during a heated exchange. 

According to TMZ, the altercation precipitated from confusion over who was in the correct seats. A witness to the incident told TMZ that the fan wearing the Benn jersey was disrupting everyone in their section after being asked to move.

This led to the exchange with another fan where he ultimately said, “All right then, Stay the f*** up there. Dumbass n****.” which resulted in him being punched in the face. 

After security separated the combatants, the Benn fan was ejected from the area.

Dude messed up his watch time with his ill mouth. Anyway, y’all stop beating people at the least inconvenience. The Dude would have died if his girlfriend did not step in.

Here is a clip of the two fans fighting each other:

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