Where’s Shatta Wale Rolls Royce? It’s Been 5 Months And The Whip He Bragged About Buying In The States Cannot Be Found In His Garage In Ghana

Shatta Wale Couldn't Last For A Month Offline As He's Back On Instagram Flaunting A 'Borrowed' Rolls Royce
Shatta Wale

5 months ago, Shatta Wale bragged about buying a Rolls Royce and even flaunting it on Instagram for the usual likes, comments, and grabbing of headlines but as we speak, the Rolls Royce cannot be found in his garage in Ghana. Where is the Rolls Royce?


Is the Rolls Royce still on the sea being shipped to Ghana or still in the United States? Was it a borrowed Rolls Royce or Wale actually bought it?

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How many months does it take for a Rolls Royce to be shipped to Ghana? Or could it be that the whip is in Ghana but Wale isn’t having the money to pay for the exorbitant shipping duties to clear it?


It’s been months and yet there is no news about Shatta Wale’s Rolls Royce landing in Ghana. I think it was a borrowed Rolls Royce just to take pictures and videos to beautify his Instagram page.

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