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Wendy Shay, Who’s Allegedly Sleeping With Bullet Claims That Underground Nigerian Musicians Sleep With Top Female Ghanaian Celebrities

Bullet Claims His 'Ghost' Girlfriend Has Dumped Him Because Of Rumoured Romantic Relationship With Wendy Shay

Wendy Shay who is allegedly warming the bed of her record label boss, Bullet, claims that some female Ghanaian celebrities are cheap to the extent that it’s underground Nigerian musicians who sleep with them.

If sleeping with your boss isn’t wrong then what’s wrong with female celebrities in Ghana sleeping with underground musicians in Nigerian? Wendy Shay must be sick.

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Wendy Shay in an interview on Peace FM claimed;

“Our top stars not only musicians… all you see are an underground artiste from Nigerian who comes and is dating a top female star in Ghana… I can’t mention names but it’s the female celebrities I’ve seen do that… It’s heartbreaking.”

She continued that;

“I can’t mention names because if I do that, it will be like I’ve personalized the issue but it’s an observation I’ve made for some time now. Even the country as a whole, you’ll realize that we support outsiders than we support our own”.

Wendy Shay probably got no cl*t since she couldn’t mention names of female Ghanaian celebrities sleeping with underground musicians in Nigeria.