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Wear Exclusive Dresses & Shoes If You Don’t Want Me To Copy You – Fella Makafui Tells Sister Derby

Wear Exclusive Dresses & Shoes If You Don't Want Me To Copy You - Fella Makafui Tells Sister Derby

Fella Makafui has fired shots at Sister Derby over her claims that she has been copying her fashion style.

Pissed off Fella Makafui says Sister Derby should wear exclusive dresses, shoes and bags if she doesn’t want her to copy her─that’s if she is even copying her.

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Fella Makafui says she will never burn her outfits and buy new ones all because of Sister Derby’s claims.

This beef is obviously not about who is copying whose fashion style but about who deserves Medikal’s love.

The fashion bid of the beef is just icing on the cake, the real reason for this beef is about Medikal.

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It’s 2020 but it seems Sister Derby hasn’t gotten over how Fella Makafui smartly used “bestieship” to snatch Medikal from her.

Swipe to the right to read Fella Makafui’s shots at Sister Derby.

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