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VIDEOS: Reason Behind Moesha Buduong’s Sudden Repentance And Acceptance Of Christ Revealed

PHOTOS: Moesha Buduong Looking Like A 16-year-old Virgin On Her 31st Birthday

Moesha Buduong claims that she’s now a born again Christian—and I ask, when is she returning the fake butts to Satan?

Rumour has it that her sudden repentance and acceptance of Christ are just to impress her overly religious yet-to-be in-laws who aren’t comfortable with her lifestyle.

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A source told that Moesha Buduong would be walking down the aisle with the love of her life in the coming months but before everything is sealed, her in-laws want to ensure that she’s a changed person—and wouldn’t let their son experience hell on earth after their nuptials.

According to the source, Moesha Buduong and her fiancé’s wedding would be held in this same church, Revelation Chapel. Nana Agradaa repented for the cash, Moesha Buduong has also repented for a marriage that’s yet to see the light of the day.

Apparently, we are all carrying the cross of Jesus Christ for various reasons. We wish Moesha Buduong all the best as she prepares to tie the knot to the love of her life in the coming months. What’s your reason for carrying the cross of Christ?