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VIDEO: You’ll Weep Bitterly After Listening To Bishop Bernard Nyarko’s Last Words Before His Painful Death

You'll Weep Bitterly After Listening To Bishop Bernard Nyarko's Last Words Before His Painful Death

Actor Bishop Bernard Nyarko is dead and gone but his last words before giving up on life is a whole life lesson to the world.

“Help me whiles I am alive, don’t wait till die” was the last words he made in public weeks before his sudden and painful death.

Often people show love to the death more than the living and that’s typical of some Africans especially Ghanaians.

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People who even hated you whiles you were alive will pretend and weep bitterly when you die and that’s the reality.

Currently, everyone is on the internet posting photos and videos of Bishop Bernard Nyarko with sorrowful captions as a way of showing love even though he cannot hear, see or feel.

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Bishop Bernard Nyarko’s last words should always be in our minds and be a guide to us. Show love to people whiles they are alive and not when they are dead.

The dead cannot hear nor see! Watch the video below…

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