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VIDEO: YOLO Actress, Christabel, Cries Like A Baby All Because She Claims She’s In Love With Someone’s Boyfriend

YOLO Actress & Famewhore, Christabel, Cries Like A Baby All Because She Claims She's In Love With Someone's Boyfriend

YOLO actress and famewhore, Christabel Amoabing, yes, I referred to her as a famewhore because she has a lot in common with the bunch of famewhores out there doing whatever it takes to be recognised and make the headlines.

Christabel posted a video on her Instagram page last night shedding crocodile tears with her long fake nails on──and with a cooked-up story that she is in love with another lady’s boyfriend and doesn’t know what to do.

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Shake My Long D! It’s obvious that Christabel is towing the attention-seeking path of her colleague actress, Fella Makafui just to be in the headlines and to trend for Instagram likes and comments.

In the video, she claims she is so much in love with this guy but the problem is that he is dating another girl and that she doesn’t want to snatch him and be tagged as a boyfriend snatcher just like Fella Makafui has labelled as a boyfriend snatcher for snatching Medikal from Sister Derby.

One of her followers @kwabeneboarthur who thinks she posted the video to seek needless attention commented that;

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“Aaah but why are you doing this? Do you want to catch attention or what? The best answer to this is don’t be a fool…. move on there are better men out there wai… and the church shall sayyyyyy Amen!!!!”

Decent YOLO actress, Christabel Amoabing has finally turned a famewhore──doing whatever it takes to trend.

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