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VIDEO: Wendy Shay Runs To The Prophet Who Scared Her With Kidnap & Death Prophecies

Wendy Shay Runs To The Prophet Who Scared Her With A Death Prophecy

These self-proclaimed men of God craving for attention and popularity can scare the hell out of you with some cooked up doom prophecies and mostly, they leave their vulnerable church members and prophesy about popular people just to be in the news.

A few days ago, one man of God, Prophet Akwasi Appiah, claimed that God revealed to him that Wendy Shay was going to be kidnapped and killed for power before December 2020.

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According to him, he saw that Wendy Shay was kidnapped for 21 days, killed and even saw her rotten body in the vision.

Since everyone including myself is scared to die but want to make it to Heaven, Wendy Shay just like many others has visited Prophet Akwasi Appiah’s church apparently, for some prayers in order to avert the cooked up kidnap and death prophecies about her.

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In a video posted on the Instagram page of Zionfelix, Wendy Shay was seen at Prophet Akwasi Appiah’s church sharing how she felt when she heard of the doom prophecies.

Wendy Shay took the microphone and started preaching to the congregants about blending common sense and the favour of God and on top, ministered to the congregants one popular song to climax her impulse preaching.

Watch the video below.

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