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VIDEO: Twene Jonas Busted, He’s Got No Lamborghini, Doesn’t Live In Plush House In U.S And Confesses That His Rants And Insults On Ghanaian Leaders Are Just For ‘Likes And Views’

"Blacks Were Created By Europeans"-Says Twene Jonas

Ghanaian US-based Twene Jonas, who has been raining insults on Ghanaian leaders for not taking drastic measures to develop the country and improve the lives of the citizens has been busted for lying that he’s got a Lamborghini and lives in a plush house in the United States.

One Ghanaian dude in the United States confronted Twene Jonas in the video below and asked him to show him the Lamborghini he has been bragging about.

To the shock of many, Twene Jonas couldn’t show the Lamborghini and also confessed faking to be living good and driving these expensive cars for likes and views on social media.

Twene Jonas somehow confessed that all the rants and insults on Ghanaian leaders are just for likes and views on social media.

Another noisy Ghanaian US-based, Archipalago posted the video on his Instagram page along with the caption;

“Told y’all this guy is insulting the leaders for his personal gains

( Views & Likes) and He doesn’t want a better #Ghana as you people think.. in his own words hope y’all heard him saying that he’s just doing it for #Views.. you people should wise up, reason and stop thinking that I envy or jealous this braggart! Hope the shallow thinkers who are supporting will now know that he lacks knowledge!!! He sits in NY and insult you guys that you’re all living in #Afuom, but y’all don’t see how dumb that is, to support his madness…it’s either he’s mentally unstable or a bipolar, says Prophet Archipalago 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣”.

Watch the video below…