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VIDEO: “There’s No Prophet Without A Failed Prophecy” – Fake Prophet Badu Kobi Comes Out With A Gibberish Excuse For His Failed Prophecies

VIDEO: Embarrassment As Prophet Badu Kobi's Prophet About Brazil Winning 2021 Copa America Cup Fails

Prophet Badu Kobi has come out with a gibberish excuse for his failed football prophecies last week. According to the man of God who has been tagged as fake after his prophecies that Brazil and England will win the 2020 Copa America and Euros respectively failed, all his prophecies have never failed except these two.

Prophet Badu Kobi consoled himself that there is no prophet of God without failed prophecies and if all prophecies came to pass, all Christians or church members would have been rich with no problems in life.

Prophet Badu Kobi hasn’t learned his lessons as he says he will continue to prophesy and even drop more football prophecies.

Watch the video below…

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