VIDEOS: That Moment When Angry Fans Threw Bottles On Stage At Cardi B’s Concert

That Moment When Angry Fans Threw Bottles On Stage At Cardi B's Concert

Cardi B’s Livespot festival at the Accra Sports Stadium experienced delays which compelled angry fans to throw bottles on the stage.


In videos making waves on the Internet, fans had to wait for over a period of 1 hour before the next performance and that led to the throwing of bottles on the stage.

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Apparently, things were really not organised to meet the expectations of fans and music lovers who trooped into the stadium to watch various performances from top Ghanaian musicians as well as Cardi B.

Cardi B saved the night when she jumped on the stage and thrilled fans with her energetic performances with dancers.

As Cardi B rocked the colours of the Nigerian flag in Nigeria, she also rocked colours of the Ghanaian flag and gave amazing performances on the night.

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Watch the videos below.