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VIDEO: Tall List Of Top Ghanaian Artists Who Were Sacked From Backstage When Cardi B Was Coming To Perform

I will never congratulate Sarkodie - Sarkodie

American rapper, Cardi B was seen as a top star in Ghana and for that matter, some top Ghanaian musicians and celebrities had to be sacked from the backstage to pave way for herself and crew to mount the stage and perform.

Cardi B is currently in the United States chilling and attending to important matters as usual but names of those top Ghanaian musicians who were sacked from backstage to pave way for her and his crew remains a mystery.

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Artists such as Sarkodie and Shatta Wale were all billed to perform on the night but that never happened and I’m thinking aloud and deep to find out what actually stopped Sarkodie and Shatta Wale from performing on the night.

Well, Shatta Wale says the crowd wasn’t encouraging hence his refusal to perform at Cardi B’s Concert.

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Sarkodie checked into the Kempinski hotel with his crew ahead of the Concert but never performed─and hasn’t disclosed the reason why he never mounted the stage.

I cannot confirm which top artists and celebrities were sacked from backstage but that also doesn’t rubbish the fact that some artists were humiliated at backstage.

Watch the video below.

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