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VIDEO: Survivor Of Domestic Violence, Vicky Zugah, Shares Characteristics Of Her Violent Ex-boyfriends

Survivor Of Domestic Violence, Vicky Zugah, Shares Characteristics Of Her Abusers

Z-list Ghanaian actress, Vicky Zugah, who has suffered domestic violence in almost all her romantic relationships with ex-boyfriends has dished out some characteristics of abusers, I mean her ex-boyfriends.

For a beautiful woman such as Vicky Zugah to be abused in all her relationships should tell you that she is also a no go area for men when it comes to serious relationships leading to marriage.

How can you be abused by almost all the men you dated and still think there is nothing wrong with you? Domestic violence shouldn’t be supported by anyone but how can one woman suffer in the hands of all the men she dated?

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Well, Vicky Zugah has this to share about how abusers behave towards women.

According to her, abusers are controlling, they make a woman feel worthless, they are energy vampires, they hate to see women progress in life, they are full of negativities and a whole of trash!

I thought one self-proclaimed man of God disclosed to her that she was abused in all her relationships because of a curse placed on her by a woman a few years ago for snatching her husband?

Obviously, the men who abused her were under some sort of spiritual control as a result of the curse placed on her and since she believes this trashy revelation by the man of God, why the noise about domestic violence?

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