VIDEO: Scammed Customers Of Pastor Kelvin Kwesi Kobiri’s Collapsed Business Grab & Assault Him

Scammed Customers Of Pastor Kelvin Kwesi Kobiri's Collapsed Business Grab & Assault Him

So why do some men of God instead of focusing on the Bible and winning souls for Christ decide to venture into finance and investment businesses and─luring people to invest in unrealistic businesses?


Well, the resigned head pastor of Zoe Outreach Embassy, Pastor Kelvin Kwesi Kobiri after playing hide and seek with aggrieved customers of his collapsed investment business finally got into their trap─and it was damn serious!

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These scammed customers aren’t part of his church members who got scammed so they never gave a hoot about him when they saw him riding in his Range Rover car.

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So why can’t this man of God sell his expensive cars and pay these scammed customers if indeed he wants to pay them their funds? You can’t be riding in an expensive Range Rover in the faces of customers who have millions of Cedis gone down the drain because they invested in your business─it’s really annoying!

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These angry customers wasted no time when he got down from his car, they just pounced on him as if they’ve arrested a thieve and physically assaulted him.

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It took the intervention of some folks around to stop the scammed customers from beating the hell out of him!

He was also verbally assaulted─with the majority tagging him as a thieve and a fraudster!

Below is the video which is about to trend on social media.