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VIDEO: Sarkodie Teases Shatta Wale; Asks Him To Deposit Some Dollars If He Wants A Response From Him

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Sarkodie has dropped a new message for Shatta Wale over his recent incessant jabs at him on Twitter─and trust me, Shatta Wale will keep mute if he gets Sarkodie’s message.

Sarkodie says his level has shot up and that he is not saving struggling and dead careers in 2020 anymore through unnecessary slices of salty beef.

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Sarkodie in his post is implying that he saved Shatta Wale’s dead career in 2018 when he replied to him with the diss track “Advice” but in 2020, he is not doing that anymore.

Sarkodie says Shatta Wale should make some deposit to his bank account if he wants him to respond to his recent and incessant salty beef to make him relevant.

Sarkodie posted a video of himself on a phone call, cruising in a boat on the ocean and then teased Shatta Wale saying;

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“The media on the phone trying to get me to respond to beefs … Naa man I done saved a lot of careers . 2020 you pay for response @skinnymann__ I’m waiting 😂😀😀😀😃🤣”.

Shatta Wale now has to pay Sarkodie huge sum of money if he wants him to respond to his salty beef.

The ball is now in Shatta Wale’s court to either pay or to forget about a response, “Advice” part 2 from Sarkodie.

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