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VIDEO: Salma Mumin’s 2015 Interview With Delay Exposes Her; She’s Above 30 Years

Salma Mumin's 2015 Interview With Delay Exposes Her; She's Above 30 Years

The beef between actress Salma Mumin and Moesha Buduong should be settled by now as Salma has been busted for lying about her age!

“Ghanaian celebrities” is synonymous with big unpardonable lies─in fact, the majority of them especially the females lie about everything including their age.

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Salma Mumin is fighting with Moesha Buduong over her real age and finally, an interview she granted Deloris Frimpong Manso aka Delay in 2015 has exposed her.

In this 2015 interview on the Delay show, Salma Mumin disclosed that she was 27 years─and fast-forward to 2019 on her birthday, she lied on Instagram that she is 30.

I think this should be considered as one of the legendary lies in the year 2019.

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Per my calculations, Salma Mumin is 31 years and not 30 years as she claimed a few days ago on Instagram.

In 2015 Salma Mumin was 27 years and in 2019, 4 years down the line, she claims to be 30 years. This is magic and only Salma Mumin can perform such magic!

Watch the short interview below. Skip to duration 6:45

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