VIDEO: Rumour Has It That Cecilia Marfo And Her Husband Are Also Separated

VIDEO: Rumours Have It That Cecilia Marfo And Her Husband Are Also Separated
Cecilia Marfo & husband

Rumours making waves on the internet after Cecilia Marfo humiliated Joyce Blessing on stage have it that she and her husband are also separated.

It’s been speculated that Cecilia Marfo and her husband are separated over issues yet to be made public and now people are asking how the hell was she able to advise someone to return to her husband when she [Cecelia Marfo] is facing the same problem?

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Counselor Lutherodt during a discussion on Peace FM questioned Cecilia Marfo on the whereabouts of her husband and that if she is still with him?

These speculations are on the heels of Cecilia Marfo snatching a microphone from Joyce Blessing on stage and telling her to go back to her estranged husband, Dave Joy.

Cecilia Marfo claims that she did what she did under the influence of the Holy Spirit.

Joyce Blessing was dumbfounded and shed tears—and we are wondering if those tears were as a result of the public humiliation or she was touched by the Holy Spirit too?