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VIDEO: Rumours Have It That Ibrah One Is Now As Broke As A Church Mouse And Depends On His Brother

Ibrah One Has Coronavirus

Rumours making rounds have it that popular and vocal socialite, Ibrah One is now as broke as a church mouse and feeds off his brother.

According to one social media commentator, KOD, Ibrah One as it stands now is very broke and depending on his brother to feed himself and wife, Khadijah.

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According to KOD, “Khadijah literally put her life in America on hold with an assurance that she was going to enjoy a flamboyant life with Ibrah 1 but only found out the dire truth that he was indeed broke but chose to stay because she was head over heels with Ibrah One”.

The video of KOD exposing Ibrah One was posted on the Instagram page of Switch Focus.

Watch the video below…

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