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VIDEO: Reverend Obofour Rains Insults On Prophet Oduro; Calls Him An Old Fool

Reverend Obofour Rains Insults On Prophet Oduro; Calls Him An Old Fool

A holy salty beef is about to go down and it’s between Reverend Obofour and Prophet Kofi Oduro─the man of God who is known for shouting on top of his voice in his sermons.

Reverend Obofour in a viral video rained insults on Prophet Kofi Oduro for stepping on his toes for a long time even though he hasn’t offended him in any way or met him to even speak for once.

Reverend Obofour in his sermon and jab to Prophet Kofi Oduro said he respected him a lot but he’s realised that he is just an old fool who spews nonsense and trash without thinking about it.

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Reverend Obofour did not mince words in his jab to Prophet Kofi Oduro. He tagged him as a stupid man of God who is grown with no sense and thinking faculties.

Reverend Obofour continued and lambasted Prophet Kofi Oduro for disgracefully wearing a lingerie right in the presence of his congregants to demonstrate how women should lure their husbands and look attractive in bed.

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Reverend Obofour says he is not calming down anymore if Prophet Kofi Oduro jabs him in his sermons again. He will reply to every jab he throws at him.

Prophet Kofi Oduro will definitely reply to Reverend Obofour’s 10 minutes viral video and that’s where the holy salty beef with start.

Watch the video below.

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